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Ronald Damien Malfi, Continued...

Ronald Damien Malfi: I donít outline or take many notes. Typically, when an idea comes to me, I allow it to simmer on the backburner of my brain until it either boils into vapor or percolates until it runs over. I know it is time to write when that perfect first line jumps into my head. Thatís when I sit down and start writing, starting with that first line, and going straight through from there. I tend to edit as I go, although I will do a clean edit after the manuscript is complete. Any notes that I make during the writing process are relegated to scribbled nuances in the margins of notebooks, often just dealing with continuity issues, or a phrase or two I liked and wanted to remember to include in the final text. Fro the most part, I also considered outlining a story somewhat restrictive, since itís rare that a story will turn out the way I thought it would. If you breathe enough life into your characters, youíll find it difficult to make them adhere to a predetermined set of bullet points.

HG: Do you ever suffer from writerís block?

Ronald Damien Malfi: Iím not important enough to suffer from writerís block.

HG: Youíve published a lot of short fiction in magazines, anthologies, and online. Any chance weíll ever see them all compiled into one collection?

Ronald Damien Malfi: I am asked that question quite often and, in truth, Iíve given it some peripheral thought. The problem I see is that my short stories all tend to be very different from each other and I havenít yet decided on a cohesive format for bringing them all together. But you never knowÖ

HG: What does the future hold for fans of your work?

Ronald Damien Malfi: Iíve got a novella titled ďBorealisĒ coming out through Delirium Books in November. It is one of three novellas in a book called New Dark Voices II , edited by the inimitable Brian Keene. Iíve also just signed a multi-book deal with Medallion Press, with the first book coming out in hardcover next year. Itís called Shamrock Alley , and Iím very excited about this book. Itís a crime drama based on an investigation my father was involved in back when he worked for the Secret Service. I also plan on writing a few more short stories as well -- something I havenít done in quite awhile.

HG: Any advice for up-and-coming writers out there?

Ronald Damien Malfi: To write. Every day. No excuses. Find the time, turn the TV off, secret yourself in a quiet room, and put the pen to paper. Simple as that.

HG: Thanks for your time, Ron. I canít wait to read your next book.

Ronald Damien Malfi: Thanks so much!

Jerry Stratton is a book and movie reviewer living in Pennsylvania.